The Piano Guys come to Singapore

On Tuesday, I met up with some new friends at the Star Theatre for a concert. But not just any concert. The Piano Guys, made famous by their many YouTube covers and mashups, began their latest tour here in Singapore, and I was lucky enough to snag a ticket.

My seats weren't actually this good, my camera just makes it look a lot better. 

First, the venue. Singapore is a country of shopping malls, and the Star was no different. The entrance to the concert hall was on the fifth level, and we actually entered into our seats on the tenth. But just look at this place! It looks like a galactic pagoda just landed in the middle of the island. 

We got some Taiwanese food inside, which was so-so. I ordered sausage with egg fried rice, but it was basically two fancy hot dogs that were impossible to pick up with chopsticks.

The concert itself was a great time. Starting out with Adele's "Rolling in the Deep," there were few pauses as they just rolled through hit after hit. The music wasn't always perfect, but that's what made the concert fun. It was just two guys jamming out. 
Side note - the many gyrations and head-bobbing that you see on their videos are very real. 

The funniest moment of the night came when the two were talking about their families. When the pianist Jon said he had five kids, and that the cellist Steven had four, the crowd gasped. I bet the Singaporeans had never met Mormons before.

My favorite song, "Peponi," was second-to-last, with their famous rendition of "What Makes You Beautiful" wrapping up the concert (besides the encore, of course).

Here is a picture of us after the concert, waiting in the gigantic queue to meet the Piano Guys. Lily and I weren't able to stay, as the MRT service ended at midnight, but Alena was determined to get her CD signed by the duo.

It was a really great crew - 4 different continents represented, but the same love of the Piano Guys.

This is as close as I got to the musicians (Jon Schmidt, piano, on the far side, and Steven Sharp Nelson, cello, closest to us).

Overall, an awesome night. I was asked if I flew from the States to come to the concert, and though I obviously didn't, they are definitely worth the price of admission if they come to your town.


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