2013 F1 Singapore Grand Prix

This past Sunday, I was lucky enough to attend the Singapore Grand Prix, a Formula 1 race. I was able to get a ticket through a good friend of my Dad's (hence the team Ferrari shirt). It just happened to be in the pit grandstand next to the finish line, so my view was incredible.

The Grand Prix is Singapore's annual night in the international spotlight. They pull out all the stops to wow both the visitors at the race and the viewers at home. The race course itself is incredible - it winds through many of Singapore's signature landmarks, with the finish line in the shadow of the Singapore Flyer, the giant Ferris wheel on the edge of the bay. The three-day weekend had all sorts of races, concerts, and other events that all showed off the best of the city.

My ticket also got me a free ride on the Flyer.
You can see part of the race course in the bottom right
Hey there, Tom Jones

This was way more than just your basic "night at the races." Walking through one of the "villages," I heard some loud music and ambled over to investigate. Oh, look, Tom Jones is performing, nice! The whole event consisted of similar findings, capped with the Rihanna concert after the race ended. 65,000 people were in attendance for her, with 87,500 for the race. 

When I attended the Piano Guys concert, I was jokingly asked if I had flown in from the States for the evening. At the Grand Prix, that was a common and serious question. People came from all over, predominately Europe because of the popularity of the sport. 

The race itself was great, with Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull dominating from start to finish. My Ferrari guy, Fernando Alonso, finished second after starting seventh. The sheer power of the F1 cars was incredible to witness up close.

One of the racers from earlier in the day. Zoom zoom
The cars after the GP2 race earlier in the day
Fernando Alonso of Team Ferrari
The trophy presentation, with the fans on the track

Champagne showers. Vettel, Alonso, Raikkonen finish on the podium
Marina Bay Sands. The racing stripe lights are a nice touch
Singapore Bay
Not to be overly dramatic, but this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. When Singapore is referenced as the world's new playground for the elite, I now know exactly what they are talking about.


  1. Awesome pictures! The shot from the Ferris wheel is especially cool.


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