How to mail letters to Singapore

Hey all,  

Today, I'll be tackling a topic that is trickier than it seems - international mailing. Sure, it still involves an envelope and stamp, but Singapore has some interesting quirks that you should keep in mind if every trying to mail me.

First, writing the letter. This is largely on you, gentle reader, as you should have some idea of what you want to convey. No word limits here, as I've got lots of time to read your daily musings.

Second, how to write your address on the envelope. The front is mostly the same, with one major exception that I will get to in just a second.

Mailing address (aka the "to" part)

Patrick Kramer
1 Pearl Bank
#31-10 Pearl Bank Apartments
Singapore 169016
Republic of Singapore

Congratulations! If you get the appropriate stamp purchased, your letter should get to me in 1-2 weeks! It is best to actually walk into your local post office to ensure that you get the correct stampage. It shouldn't cost too much more than a regular stamp. Here in Singapore, it is only S$0.50, which is actually cheaper than a regular US stamp. So you know that expense is no excuse for my lack of response.

Return address
Since you know Mr. Kramer would love to write back, this is where we get fancy. DON'T put it in the upper left corner, like your third grade teacher taught you. Instead, put it on the top flap on the back of the envelope, like so:

Return address for Mr. Sherlock Holmes if he was writing

I know this is tricky, but I believe in you, wise reader. And besides, you will get so much satisfaction out of this whole event that all this extra time will be well worth it.

Hope to hear from you soon!


*UPDATE - I no longer live at this address. But I'm sure the current tenants will appreciate the mail anyways*


  1. Hi Patrick
    It's the Stansberry's. We can't wait to catch up on what you are doing in Singapore. So exciting and awesome.

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  4. and, be careful what you say, the government does read your mail, email, and listen to your phone calls. no warrant needed! (I lived there five years, one of my friend's sister worked for the government translating and transcribing phone calls in various Chinese dialects). They have little crime and lots of time to spend spying on ordinary citizens.


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