ND-Michigan Game Watch at London Bar

On Sunday morning, both the ND and Michigan Singapore Alumni Clubs joined forces to host a game watch at the London Bar, down near Clarke Quay. Right on the Singapore River, the place was very full by the 8AM kickoff. 

It was about 50/50 showing for each team's fans. The above picture shows the main Michigan contingent. It also shows a buffering video stream, which was a major nuisance throughout the game. We didn't really watch the game so much as experience short intervals of live video feed followed by rapidly checking the ESPN box score.

Unfortunately, the Victors were hailed in the game, but very cool environment. Best moment of the day - meeting an ND grad from ~'97 who was 1) a biochem major, 2) a former resident of Stanford Hall, and 3) is now a brewmaster for a local craft brewery. So he's basically living the dream.

I didn't get a lot of pictures, but there should be more game watches the rest of the season. This GIF sums up my feeling about Michigan in general.