Destination: Hong Kong (Hong Kong Island)

Part 2 of our Hong Kong adventure took us to the southern part of the special administrative region (SAR), Hong Kong Island. It stands as the political and economic center of the city, with most of the residents living in the highly concentrated area facing Victoria Harbour, as shown above. We were able to get a brief glimpse of local life, from a floating village to the fast-paced downtown frenzy.

Aberdeen Harbor

Our first stop took us to Aberdeen Harbour, a fishing area and village located in the southern part of HK Island (away from the city center). Life is slower back here, with more space to roam and waterways to float on. A small boat ferried us about the harbour, trundling past rickety boat-homes, large fishing vessels, and even a wedding photoshoot. After experiencing the busy, cramped streets in Mong Kok, this was a welcome change of pace.

The tour ended at Jumbo Kingdom Restaurant, a massive seafood spot located on a floating structure in the middle of the harbour. We enjoyed a tasty lunch of dumplings and various fish before taking a shuttle ferry back to land.

Hoping for some early morning bites 
Photobombing this couple was much harder from on a boat 
Besides having delicious food, it looks awesome too
Victoria Peak

Finally reunited (sort of)
Yes, it's a tourist trap and yes, everyone does it. But there is a reason that Victoria Peak is so popular - just look at that view! (See first photo of this post.) Even though we visited on a foggy day, we were still treated to a marvelous panorama of the city and surrounding islands.

I would recommend purchasing the "Peak Tram Sky Pass," which gives you access to the fancifully named "sky terrace" as well as the ride up to the peak. At HKD 80 (~S$13) for a return ticket plus sky terrace, it's great value for one of the best views in the city. Others have also recommended visiting at night to capture the Hong Kong skyline in all of its luminous glory. Open from 7AM to midnight.

Peak Tram
This guy was great

Hong Kong Flower Show

Before we arrived, a quick search on Google revealed that the Hong Kong Flower Show was being held during our visit. Curious, and also interested in strolling through Victoria Park, we made a quick stop during second-to-last day. The venue was quite nice, with lots of probably-prestigious flower associations showing off their displays.

The place was packed, with both local and tourists snapping lots of pictures. There were also plenty of vendors selling everything from flowers to spices and specialized tea leaves. Victoria Park is a very nice little green area in the Causeway Bay section of the city.

I'll try to do one additional post about our culinary adventures in HK. The milk tea, the pineapple buns, we essentially ate our way through the city.