Cafe Hopping: SPRMRKT, where scrumptuous food meets snazzy art

This morning I shuffled on over to Tanjong Pagar, one of the caffeine hubs of Singapore, to check out a place that I've been curious about for a bit. SPRMRKT bills itself as a place where people can enjoy food, shopping, and art in a single space. The combination of fresh, delicious food with a modern vibe made my visit well worth it. 

SPRMRKT (which I'm pretty sure is just "Supermarket" without the vowels) is a classy place, with a simple but sleek interior design. There are plenty of small tables for the freelance MacBook-wielding coffee-sipping types, while larger round tables are also available for sociable groups. Many of the other customers were clearly regulars, greeting both each other and the staff by name. WiFi was also available for those busy worker bees who can't wait for the office to begun their daily tasks.

I ordered "Set B" for S$11, which included two slices of toasted brioche, scrambled eggs, smoked salmon (or ham or mushrooms), and a latte (or juice or tea or lots of other lovely drink options). It was phenomenal. Hands down, the best eggs that I've had here in Singapore. I even preferred them to the eggs Benedict that my mate ordered.

Looks simple, sure. But wait until you try those eggs

Very tasty as well
I was thoroughly impressed with SPRMRKT. The owners are clearly conscious about creating a unique setting for the modern customer in a community setting. Local artwork adorning the walls were for sale. Crates of fresh produce and unique drink varieties lined the other walls. Their website even states that "all our ingredients from the day's menu are available by weight over the counter," so one can actually go home and recreate a particular dish. 

SPRMRKT has vaulted towards the top of my favorite cafes list, where it ranks quite closely with Strangers' Reunion (blog post on that still to come). I definitely intend to return here to try out their dinner experience, where their full menu is available.

2 McCallum Street
Singapore 069043
Monday - Friday, 8AM - 9PM
Saturday, 9AM - 4PM