Sentosa, Part 2: Under the Sea

Besides zip-lining to the beach, we spent most of the afternoon at the world famous oceanarium in Sentosa. The main facility was composed of two areas - the Maritime Experiential Museum and the S.E.A. Aquarium. The aquarium is the world's largest, has the world's largest acrylic viewing panel, contains some species not found anywhere else in captivity, the list goes on and on. 
S.E.A. Aquarium

As stated above, the aquarium at Sentosa is among the world's finest. The crown jewel of the aquarium is shown above. "The world's largest acrylic viewing panel," this tank was absolutely enormous to behold. It holds 18 million liters - a number that is difficult to even comprehend. The viewing panel reminded me of a Jumbotron found in American stadiums, but instead of football plays it showed countless marine species floating by. These acrylic panels were, understandably, incredibly thick.

Wikipedia reports that there are 50,000 animals in there! It was breathtaking to stand by and watch all of the activity in this little world.

Cue the pictures of our underwater friends:
Like Casper the Friendly Ghost, but underwater and less talkative
Oh hi there, waving stingray

Checking out the shipwreck
I named him/her "Smooches" 
Doing flips and such

Really claustrophobic tunnel, and the sharks swimming around don't exactly help matters. Nonetheless, one of my favorite parts of the aquarium
The Christmas tree in the bottom right was a nice touch

In short, this instantly became one of my favorite attractions in Singapore. A definite must-visit.
Maritime Experiential Museum

Before entering the aquarium, visitors stroll through this museum. Featuring a number of exhibits tracing the important shipping routes of Southeast Asia, it provided a rich look at the maritime history of the region. Most people rush through this to get to all of the colorful fish, which is fine, but they do miss out on a lot of really interesting facts.

But nobody misses this gigantic ship, which occupies most of the first floor of the oceanarium (the aquarium is beneath)

 Not sure what these guys were doing there, but I like them anyways

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