Happy New Year! Making resolutions like it's 1999

Maybe writing these on the blog will actually make these resolutions stick, because they are out on the Internet for all to see? Time will tell.

Personal resolutions

  • Do not watch television for the year (with two exceptions)
    • The exceptions: social gatherings and live sports (but only major events, like the World Cup)
    • This might seem harsh, but it's astonishing how much time I wasted last year blasting through various television series. Like when I decided to watch every episode of Arrested Development in June. What if I spent that time learning a new language? Or doing pushups? I'd be both worldly and ripped.
    • This counts for both shows on the tube and the internet
  • Say "thank you" more often
    • Both literally and in my attitude/actions
  • Ask a girl on a date by asking if she wants to go out on a date
    • It is absurd how much gray area exists when someone asks another someone to go out. What does he or she mean? Is this serious? Never fear, generation Y, I will bridge this gap and report back
  • Throw a dinner party
    • Isn't this something that all 20-somethings do?

Blog resolutions
  • Post more personal stories
    • Looking back, my blog looks like a pretty impersonal travel blog. This is fine, and I think the pictures have turned out great, but it doesn't completely describe my experience here in Singapore
  • Stop being late with the Sunday Snapshot
    • Shouldn't be too hard. I could take 52 pictures tomorrow and just schedule those posts out, but that's cheating
  • Make a video
    • I have a pretty cool idea in mind, but it will take a lot of time and expertise that I don't really have in the video department. But no excuses! It's a new year, and I'm going to do this


  1. Wait... so, you might have to banish the words "hang out" from your vocabulary? Haha. Let me know what your findings are.


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