Sentosa, Part 1: Zipline and Sunshine

With the family in town for the holidays, we zipped over to Sentosa Island for some daytime adventures. And once we got there, we zipped some more - via a 450+m (~1500ft) long zip line. Part 1 of our day examines the zip line and cable car attractions.
MegaZip Zip Line 

Sentosa is a big tourist attraction, so we decided to try to escape the crowds and strollers. Hiking up the fairly steep Imbiah Hill, we arrived at the MegaZip Adventure Park, a complex that offered high ropes courses and other thrills. However, as the name implies, they are best known for their giant zip line. There was little wait (and truthfully, little safety instruction) so we got to the front of the queue in no time.

It's a tad tricky taking shots mid-flight, but the end over the beach was awesome. At 60km/h, it was really fast but didn't feel too crazy, since we were so high up.

At S$38 per zip, it's not something you will do over and over again. But for us, it was a pretty thrilling ride which provided some awesome views of both Sentosa and a lot of Singapore. 

Cable Car Ride
Cable cars incoming from Ft. Faber 
The cable car ride is touted as a top 10 attraction to do in Singapore, so we opted to use it as our means of getting over to Sentosa Island; other options were via taxi or a monorail. We purchased a combo ticket with the cable car ride and admission to the aquarium, more on that in part 2.

Keppel Island and Labrador Park

These pictures also do a great job of illustrating the absurd phenomenon that is Singapore weather. When the car left HarbourFront towards Sentosa, it was nasty, rainy, and gray outside (see top picture). Halfway across, it starts to clear up a bit but it was still drizzling a bit. And look at the last pic!  Beautiful picture of the water, with the downtown area in the background. Weather patterns like this happen on an almost daily basis.

Though some people might not want to spend the extra money on the cable car, I personally enjoyed it, mostly for the spectacular views. Even part of Malaysia is (supposedly) visible. So yes, I would recommend the cable cars as part of anyone's Singapore experience. The cars also go to Mt. Faber, which would be an excellent place to have dinner at the end of your day, but we had other dinner arrangements that evening.