Brunching at Wild Honey

Today I'll don my foodie hat, as I recap a recent trip to a local breakfast hotspot. Roommate Milan, shown above strolling ahead, was clearly excited to sample this well-reviewed restaurant. Personally, I was ready to eat anything, as Notre Dame football had forced me to wake up at 5AM to watch their game versus Air Force last week.

Wild Honey calls Orchard home for both of its locations (see end of post for the map). We went to the Scotts Square location, primarily because it was the one that took advance reservations. There is high demand for seats, and Amy had to cajole them to expand our reservation. Luckily, we snagged a spot with enough space for the five of us.

My food blogging career began with a pot Chilean Rose Hip Organic Tea. Pleasant and refreshing, it had a light taste with a bit of a tart finish. It wasn't a fruity taste but reminded me of an apple-like flavor.

I later discovered that rosehip is renown for various health benefits as well, with Vitamin C to spare - nice little added bonus. However, as you can see in the picture above, a "pot" of tea only had enough for two cups. Normally, I wouldn't complain, but for $7, it was a steep price for a such a small portion.

Soon enough the food arrived. I ordered "The English." One of their signature dishes, it consisted of scrambled eggs, back bacon, Cumberland pork sausage, sautéed mushrooms, Dad's baked beans, breakfast potatoes, grilled vine ripened tomato, and signature brioche.

Both meat items were full of flavor, especially the sausage with its faintly smokey taste. The eggs were nice, reminding me of brunch at home after returning from church on Sunday mornings. The brioche was the other highlight. Thick, rich, and buttery, it was delicious and filling. I have yet to have bread like this anywhere else in Singapore.

Potatoes were nice, reminded me of North Dining Hall's version but definitely classier. And tastier.
 The baked beans were a bit funky, as the sauce was quite strong and peppery. Though the portion size looks pretty standard in the picture, it was a whopping helping that took a long time to work through. Not a bad thing, as this allowed us to fully enjoy our Wild Honey experience.

I loved the atmosphere of the place. Because of the difficulty arranging reservations, I had imagined that the place would be a hive of activity (pun intended, of course). Instead, it was calm and sophisticated. The "verandah" provided lovely views of Scotts Row, where Singaporeans and tourists lounge about on their Sunday morning strolls.

Overall, a pretty solid experience. My only negative would be the expensive tea, especially considering its size. However, even that was rather tasty, and with the heaping amounts of food that is "The English," I left a satisfied customer.

FINAL VERDICT - you will leave with a heavier stomach and lighter wallet, as Wild Honey delivers delicious food for the price. 


Wild Honey location: closest MRT is Orchard. The exits are from Ion, and just pick which restaurant you want to go to!