"Aningaaq" - a "Gravity" spinoff

"Aningaaq" is a seven minute short film that takes on a really unique angle from the epic Gravity movie, which was released earlier this fall. Written by Gravity's co-screenwriter Jonás Cuarón, who is also the son of the movie's director, this is a must-watch for anyone who watched/loved the original movie. Seeing as Gravity is pulling in a 97% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, that would be just about everyone.

There are many parallels between Aningaaq and Dr. Stone (aka Julia Roberts). Both are lonely, battling the harsh elements, struggling for survival. The sadness but subsequent turning towards hope represents the struggle to find meaning among all of the struggles of life. The fact that this happens despite their complete language barrier makes it that much more remarkable.

Thematically, this certainly echoes Gravity. The style of the filming is consistent as well - the filmmakers simply allowed the characters to tell the story through their conversations and body language. This is not to say that the effects are not impressive (as Gravity's depiction of space was stunning). But instead, the effects are not the main focus, as the development of the characters takes center stage. 

Maybe I am waxing poetic now, but Gravity is perhaps my favorite movie of the past few years. So the discovery of this accompaniment only deepened my appreciation for the feature flick.