Cafe Hopping: Penny University

One of the most prominent cafes on the east side of Singapore is Penny University, located near the shopping and food hub of Katong. So one Saturday evening, my friend and I hoofed it out there to try it out for some late night refreshments.
The name "Penny University" refers to 18th century coffeehouses in London, where a cuppa would cost you one cent. 

The staple at Penny University is their "muddy espresso," which is a reverse iced latte with cold milk added first, followed with the shot of espresso. Which I think is a macchiato but with more espresso? Who knows, they're the experts. It was nice uneven flavor (because of the addition of the espresso second) and was certainly unique, making for a pleasant way to wrap up one's day. Complementing the iced drink nicely was a passion fruit merengue pie, which had a lovely tangy flavor.

The iced chocolate also comes with rave reviews, though we didn't sample it. Instead, we also got an ice mocha, which had a smooth blend of chocolate and espresso.

Penny University is a quaint spot that locals in Katong surely appreciate. There were a good number of patrons but it wasn't noisy or crowded, again enhancing the evening experience. Overall, I liked it a lot. But the place was quite ulu, or "out of the way," so anyone living elsewhere in Singapore might not be willing to make the trip out.

Penny University
402 East Coast Road Singapore 428997

Tuesday - Thursday, 8:30AM - 6PM
Friday - Saturday, 8:30AM - 1AM
Sunday, 8:30AM - 6PM