Cafe Hopping: Assembly

Meeting with some local students, I suggested we pop by Assembly, a coffee spot located on Evans Road near the Botanic Gardens. This charming little cafe is a bit off of the beaten path for brunchers in Singapore, but well worth the visit, with the best coffee and waffle combination that I've had in Singapore.

You might have noticed from the picture above that Assembly states that they are part of this "third wave coffee movement." Curious as to what they are referencing? Here's what Ryan Kieran Tan, the Singapore National Barista champ from Strangers' Reunion, had to say: (hat tip to
“The first wave of coffee took place when Italian migrants introduced espresso to the world, and the second was due to the rapid expansion of big coffee chains such as Starbucks and Peet’s that made coffee widespread. We are currently in the third wave of coffee where there is a movement to produce high-quality coffee. Coffee-speciality cafes are sourcing their beans from farms, and consumers are starting to appreciate and have a deeper understanding of what goes into a good cup of coffee.”
And now we know. This third movement is responsible for introducing the general public into the finer details of coffee making, from the beans to the final brew. I chose the latte, which had a full, fresh flavor with just a hint of bitterness, a balance that I rather enjoy.

Foodwise, the choice was clear - waffles. I got the earl grey caramel waffle, while one of my kakis got the chocolate strawberry variety. The earl gray caramel was my winner, with a crispy-on-the-outside, fluffy-on-the-inside waffle with a sweet (but not too sweet) caramel sauce on top. The chocolate strawberry was more of a dessert than anything else.

I loved this place. They had one of the friendliest staffs that I've encountered, and the coffee was excellent. They even use local roasters for their beans - another example of their commitment to the third wave coffee movement in Singapore. My only drawback concerns the seating, which was rather tight and made it difficult to walk about without knocking into other patrons. Finding seating during the weekends is also tricky, as we went on Saturday during lunchtime.

If you ever need a place to grab a drink after admiring the Botanic Gardens, be sure to stop by Assembly, just a few minutes walk away.

Bad picture, great service

Assembly Coffee
26 Evans Lodge
Singapore 259367

Tues - Sun: 8AM - 7PM
closed on Mondays

+65 6735 5647