Street art of Penang, Malaysia

Roaming through the streets of Penang, Malaysia recently - full blog post coming soon - I came across a treasure trove of street art. Mostly located in the historical centre of George Town, they breathed life into the old streets. Telling stories of both people and places, these pieces greatly contributed to the vintage feel of this UNESCO heritage site.

The diversity of the art work was quite impressive. One of the main forms were welded iron wall caricatures, as shown above. They were not actually attached to the wall but stood just a few centimeters away, creating a fine illusion. They each told a little story about the history of the place in the context of George Town's history.

Other forms of street art included props that accompanied wall paintings, like the one below (which was probably the most popular one in town, based on the amount of people surrounding it). Many of the murals are the work of Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic. Enjoy the pictures!