Cafe Hopping: Marmalade Toast

Last weekend was my busiest cafe time yet. With lots of projects due, I figured that I might as well do data analysis in a comfortable environment, with readily available caffeine sources at hand. Sunday's spot was Marmalade Toast, tucked away in the back of Ngee Ann City in Orchard.

First things first - this place is really tricky to find. It's not really in the mall proper, as you have to first weave your way through countless corridors of handbag shops and then pop out the back to find it. Nevertheless, we stumbled across it and settled down in a back corner. I was a little surprised to find that there was no WiFi service, as it seems to be a convenient place for workers to escape from their office for an hour or so. But no worries there.

Drink for the day was a latte toffee mofi. The toffee flavor was refreshing and sweet, but it dominated the taste, as the latte part didn't really make an appearance. Following this up was a chocolate truffle cake, which was unbelievably delicious and rich. Highly recommended. They had a bevy of other treats to try, and their cupcake collection looked amazing as well.

The interior was clean and modern, though fairly small. They seemed to be a bit understaffed, with the service a tad slow. The salad bar at the front looked especially inviting, so if I ever find myself in the area, I might grab a full lunch there.

Bottom line: great pastry/dessert place, especially if you work in the Orchard area, but the coffee/cafe vibe wasn't really there.

I would call this the "vintage diner" filter
Marmalade Toast
02-11 Ngee Ann City 
391 Orchard Road
Singapore 238872

Monday - Friday, 8AM – 7PM
Saturday, 9PM – 7PM
Sunday, 10AM – 6PM