25 Days of Christmas: A Photo Collection

For the first 25 days of December, I decided to take a daily photo to record the Christmas spirit that I encountered. Part of this was to show the Christmas spirit here in the US to my Singapore friends, while the other part was just trying to get a memorable picture on a daily basis. Whether or not I succeeded, here is the result!  Enjoy.

Dec. 1st: On the first day of Christmas — at Chicago O'Hare International Airport

Dec. 2nd: Still waiting for snow

Dec. 3rd: It's not Christmas without Christmas cookies

Dec. 4th: Ugly (and fantastic) Christmas sweaters

Dec. 5th: A snowman and Santa and angels, oh my

Dec. 6th: Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, your leaves are so unchanging (because you are artificial)

Dec. 7th: Everyone's ready, but still waiting for the baby

Dec. 8th: Spotted in a Forest Park store window

Dec. 9th: Christmas cupcakes? Christmas cupcakes— at Baked and Wired, Washington, D.C.

Dec. 10th: Cheers from the National Christmas tree— at Washington, D.C.

Bonus photo for Dec. 10th — at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

Dec. 11th: The star is finally shining bright

Dec. 12th: Santa's little helper came to visit today

Dec. 13th: Mr. and Mrs. Claus enjoying an evening in the famous windows at Macy's on State— at Chicago

Dec. 14th: Winner of most decorations per square foot

Dec. 15: Mr. Potato Head and his holiday Pez crew, spotted at school today

Dec. 16th: Still waiting on snow, but this guy has been at the gym all month. Probably trying to work off some of those pounds before Christmas

Dec. 17th: Would you like some hot chocolate with your marshmallows?

Dec. 18th: Rudolph is an excellent spokesman for the transport industry

Dec. 19th: Salvation Army, ringing in the season at the Wrigley Building — at Chicago
Dec. 20th: Decked out in wreaths and watching over their presents — at The Art Institute of Chicago

Dec. 21st: Excellent form by the altar server today. And it's finally Christmas week!

Dec. 22nd: Our family of nutcrackers, standing guard over the fireplace

Dec. 23rd: Rocking/skating around the Christmas tree— at PPG Place, Pittsburgh

Dec. 24th: Tonight is both Christmas Eve and the final day of Hanukkah. Luckily both traditions support using lots of lights to celebrate for the holiday season

Dec. 25th: Merry Christmas from Zeke and the family! Hope everyone had a blessed holiday season, see ya in 2015