Cafe Hopping: Jimmy Monkey

Whenever I have a project or trip that requires some solid planning, I seem to end up at Jimmy Monkey. Tucked away inside the one-north complex, it is a cozy little cafe whose lovely coffee is brewed by one of the world's most impressive espresso machines - the Slayer. 

Having the Slayer sets this place apart from other local cafes, as it's the only spot that has this beast in the country. "It's a Ferrari," one of the baristas told me. With independent pressure and temperature controls, the barista has full control of the entire process. This requires a high skill set, but the end product is that much more improved.

I selected a macchiato with my caffeine kaki going for a skinny latte. The macchiato had a full flavor with a hefty caffeine kick towards the back end. I personally loved the balance of espresso-to-milk, similar to a latte but with a bit less milk.

The unexpected surprise of the day was the salmon sandwich that I ordered. It was fantastic, with heaping amounts of salmon with savory sauce and salad + chips on the side.

On the way out, I asked a question about the Slayer and was soon introduced into the owner, a chap from Melbourne who is incredible passionate about his coffee. He was very friendly, and cared a lot about spreading coffee culture through Singapore.

This is a great place both for your coffee aficionados and for the cafe hopping, Macbook toting people (they also have WiFi!). Very highly recommended.

The Slayer, made with stainless steel and TLC 

Jimmy Monkey Café and Bar
9 one-north gateway, #01-51 one-north residences, 
Singapore 138643 

Sun - Thurs: 8:30AM - 8:30PM
Fri - Sat: 8:30AM - 6:00PM

+65 6777 8470