Destination: Macau (Part 2)

On to part 2 of my quick trip to Macau. I'll be focusing on one of the most unique and dazzling performances that I've ever seen - the House of Dancing Water at the City of Dreams.

The House of Dancing Water

The highlight of Macau was undoubtably the House of Dancing Water. Highly recommend by our friends, we bought tickets to the show located in the optimistically-named City of Dreams, located in the heart of Cotai. 

We found ourselves in front row seats. Most people avoided these, as they were squarely placed in the "splash zone." And yes, they weren't lying: despite the provided towels, we were both thoroughly soaked by the end of the performance. Nonetheless, we were able to interact with many of the actors as they ran around the edge of the stage. The pictures didn't turn out too poorly, either. 

The 90 minute show was a visual tour de force. The actors were highly skilled gymnasts, dancers, divers, and swimmers, and the show incorporated all of these elements in fantastic fashion. There was no dialogue throughout the show, which contributed to the utterly baffling storyline. A man seems to transport through time and space, falling in love with a fair maiden while avoiding Roman gladiators and Medieval vixens (and motorcycles...still confused about the motorcycles). In no way did this did take away from the tremendous stunts and powerful acting. I would absolutely attend again if I ever travel to Macau.

Classic soak-the-villain-to-see-if-she-melts technique
Life tip: don't mess with zebra-giraffe hybrids (gibras?)

These guys were strong. Really really strong

The damsel in distress
I've always wanted a submersible pagoda.
They really come in handy when escaping from evil stepmothers

Macau is, without a doubt, a very cool place to visit. That being said, if the casino and show scene is not for you, this may not be the place to plan your next vacation. However, for our 24 hour stop, we had ourselves a grand time. 

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