Destination: Washington, DC (US)

Washington, DC. From fast-talking businessmen and long-winded politicians to George Washington co-eds jogging through the streets, the city offers quite a range of experiences. And the visuals aren't too shabby either.

It is, indeed, a Capital City.
The National Mall offers perhaps the greatest number of amazing sites in a small area. This stretch of land includes the Lincoln Memorial, the Capitol building, and many of the venerable Smithsonian institutions. Sadly, I only had time to peek into one of the buildings. The National Archives, where no photography is allowed, houses the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and many other timeless pieces. Besides, this is where Nicolas Cage stole the Declaration, revealing the map that launched the National Treasure movies.*

*Note - he did not actually steal it.

Pictures aplenty below:

We had a blue sky for about 10 minutes all day

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

I know this is a repost from my other DC entry, but this is so America
Pennsylvania Avenue