Songs of the Day, v. 2.0

Sunset at downtown Singapore. Very nice place to run, despite the heat/humidity
Hi all,

I've been jamming out to some great running songs recently, as my motivation sans music tends to be minimal.

Bruno Mars - Runaway Baby

Cheryl - Call My Name

There are lots of races in Singapore, and my first one is in two weeks. The Newton Challenge is 32K, which is like 75% of a marathon, so I will need lots of bumping music to get me through that. Did I mention that it starts at 5:30AM? Kanye West's "Good Morning" might be the first song on that playlist.

Actually, why don't we make this into a little test, to see how many people actually read the blog. If you do, put your own song (or two) in the comments. Pretty please.

And one final song of the day, from someone who is a pretty good runner herself.

Ellie Goulding - Burn

PS: Malacca post coming soon. It's going to be a big one.


  1. In the process of compiling a list but... here's something to start you off.

  2. One of my favorite running songs:

    And you can't ask for better motivation than this one:

  3. pibull: timber ft. ke$ha... nuff said.

    r. michael


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