Columbus Zoo (and fireworks too!)

Hello all,  

A quick trip to Columbus to visit brother #2 resulted in a day at the zoo - the Columbus Zoo.  Jack Hanna's old stomping grounds were fantastic, and we spent the entire day roaming around the place.  It was a tad rainy, but this ensured that the crowds wouldn't be much of a problem.  And it cleared in time for the official Dublin, OH fireworks show, right over Dublin Coffman High School.  I liked these better than the Red, White, and Boom fireworks from the day before, most likely because we had a good view.  The soundtrack of the Boom show was still pretty good. Anywho, after the show was done the gang and I grabbed Jeni's ice cream, a local tradition.  I went for the salty caramel and honey pistachio ice cream - phenomenal stuff.  The next day, I ventured to Graeter's for some more frozen treats.  Overall, I think I'm more of a Graeter's fan; their black cherry chip and buckeye blitz (which is apparently sold by some generic name in grocery stores) were incredible. 

Here's a brief gallery of some of our favorite animals from the trip.  One animal I am definitely looking forward to encountering in Singapore (besides all of the macaques) is the orangutan.  Word has it that at the zoo, you can have lunch with one of those guys, where you share a table full of fruit.  The orangutans at the Columbus Zoo were just a bit lazy.   

 The original site of the filming of the Jack Hanna show! I was a bit star-struck.